Binge Eating Disorders

If you have a binge eating disorder, you feel unable to stop eating even if you want to. You eat very large quantities of food or a different type of food one after the other within a short space of time without feeling like you’re in control of what you’re doing. Food can be used as a comfort mechanism, as a way to make you feel better or conceal difficult feelings. It is sometimes described as ‘compulsive eating.’ Unlike people with Bulimia, you don’t usually follow binge eating by getting ri

Influences of Hunger and Appetite

At this current time, social media allows people to have access to food recipes, influencers, food bloggers and food gurus, and experts at their fingertips, night, and day. How does one keep up and how does one know what is sound advice and what is not? We have vegetarians, meat-eaters, vegans, Lacto-vegans, Lacto-vegetarians, pescatarians, paleo diets, vegetarians, clean eaters, and many more. Are we eating right? According to who? What determines when we begin to eat and when to stop? Hunger

The Importance of Building A Relationship With Yourself

The relationship you have with yourself is the foundation of everything – including all intimate relationships and altruism. It gives you essential insights into your life – from the way you interact and build relationships with people to the way you navigate through daily life. Self-relationship is the ultimate blueprint that will ultimately be picked up and emulated by your offspring. Having said all of this, it is the most important relationship you will ever create.

[Men and Mental Health] Why It is More Important To Open Up Than “Man Up.”

Societal expectation and traditional gender stereotypes can play a toxic role in our mental and emotional health. Because of this, men are less likely to talk about things and seek help for their mental health problems. Men are often expected to be breadwinners, to be strong, dominant, and in control. While these are not inherently bad things, these set of expectations make it harder for them to reach out for help and to open-up.